FAQs about AskJarvis

What is AskJarvis?

AskJarvis is an AI code assistant that helps you write code faster and with less work. AskJarvis provides various applications for code generation, unit test creation, documentation, code conversions etc. AskJarvis is powered by OpenAI Codex, an AI system created by OpenAI. Apart for web version, AskJarvis is currently available as extension/plugin for Visual Studio Code and the JetBrains' IDEs.

How do I get most out of AskJarvis?

AskJarvis works best on clear understandable statements when user input is in natural language. Apart from that, a clean understandable code in form of small functions with meaningful names are recommended.

Can I post code suggested by AskJarvis to social media?

Of course, yes! Please use #AskJarvis when you post so we can see what fantastic things you are building with AskJarvis!

How does AskJarvis work?

AskJarvis understands your comments or code which are then passed through OpenAI Codex to synthesise and suggest individual lines to whole functions output, as per the application being used. The OpenAI Codex used in the background was trained on publicly available source code and natural language, which helps it understand both programming and human languages.

Is AskJarvis GDPR compliant?

Yes, AskJarvis is in compliance with all GDPR requirements.

Does AskJarvis write perfect code?

No, AskJarvis tries to generate the understand best code it can based on the user input, but the code it suggests may not always work, or even make sense. We are constantly working to improve AskJarvis, code suggested by AskJarvis should be carefully tested, reviewed, and vetted, like any other code. As the developer, you are always in charge.

What languages and IDEs AskJarvis support?

Currently AskJarvis supports Visual Studio Code and the JetBrains suit of IDEs. We are constantly developing to bring more integrations. AskJarvis supports the most popular languages, libraries & frameworks.