The Threats To Democracy, Musk threatens the Pipeline, Investment Inclusion, and the revolutionary product

Action needs to be taken against giant companies that threaten democracy

The US supreme court case that could bring the tech giants to their knees

A recent decision from the Supreme Court of the United States has set off alarm bells for everyone in the technology industry, as it could have a huge impact on how companies operate. While this may sound like bad news for all those who love doing business on Facebook and Google, it's actually great news for democracy!

The case revolves around whether or not social media companies are responsible for curbing hate speech on their platforms. In particular, people have pointed out how hateful speech is often encouraged by these companies' algorithms—and even worse, there’s evidence showing that some people have been paid by these same platforms (including Facebook) to promote specific messages and causes online.

So what does this mean? It means action needs to be taken against giant corporations like Facebook and Twitter. Because if we let them get away with what they're doing right now without consequences… well then we might as well give up hope altogether! Read more...

Musk's $13 Billion Twitter Move Threatens To Bring The Pipeline (Of Leveraged Buyouts) to standstill.

Elon Musk is ruining everything.

Wall Street has long wanted to buy Twitter Inc. But Musk’s antics have made it hard for his banks — Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Barclays — to sell the debt required to do the deal. So they’re just going to hold it, all $13 billion of it. Truly a next-level “hold-my-beer” move that threatens to bring leveraged buyouts to a standstill.

Or, as The Wall Street Journal puts it: “The Twitter move threatens to bring the faltering leveraged-buyout pipeline to a standstill by tying up capital that Wall Street could otherwise use to back new deals.”That's right: Musk has made it impossible for his banks to sell the debt that would have funded his buyout of Twitter. 

Wealthy business people can really screw things up for others! Really, is there anything this dude can't do? Read more...

Making The World Of Investment A More Inclusive Place

The world of finance and investments has always been seen as the domain of elites — a place where the wealthy play by different rules than everyone else. But a new wave of decentralized technologies is changing that, giving rise to a more inclusive economy where everyone can participate.

The best-performing funds, for example, require a minimum investment typically in the hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of dollars. This has made it difficult for ordinary investors to get a piece of the action.

But now, with the help of blockchain technology, people who have never owned an investment fund before can now do so without having to pay high fees or face long wait times. They can also invest in funds that invest in other funds, creating what's known as an "asset portfolio." The result is that anyone with some spare cash and an internet connection can now become part of the financial system in their own way.

Web3 promises an open and inclusive future for all. These are exciting times in this industry! Read more...

Minerva Lithium Has Completely Revolutionized The Brine-To-Lithium Process

It is a revelation for the mining industry. The availability of lithium is not only limited, but also volatile. It is found in brine and salt lakes, and the extraction process is expensive and difficult. This makes it impossible for large-scale mining operations to get their hands on this precious substance.

Minerva Lithium has produced Nano Mosaic, a coordinated polymer framework that looks a bit like black gravel and extracts critical materials from brine in just three days. Minerva says that it can extract one metric ton of lithium using just 30,000 gallons of water, and it can do it in three days. Evaporative brine processing needs to evaporate 500,000 gallons of water to get to the same amount of lithium. Just one gram of this absorbent material has a surface area equal to that of a soccer pitch, which should give you an idea of just how little you’d need to extract a large amount of minerals.

Read our coverage on Minerva Lithium here

Intropic – Biodegradable Plastics For The Future

The plastics industry is a $300 billion global business, with a large portion of that being made up of single-use plastic products. Plastics are great for so many things, but they stay around for an awfully long time. Intropic leaps to the rescue with a set of enzymes that can be added to plastics at the very beginning of their life cycle, before it is even turned into products.

The additives the company makes have been proof-of-concept tested and it wants to upend how plastics are made and disposed of. Intropic’s additives make many of the most commonly used plastics biodegradable in normal commercial composting. The enzymes are added to the pellets or powders that are used in the normal course of plastic production. This gives plastics new, biodegradable capabilities without changing the manufacturing processes used to create plastic products. At the end of the life cycle, when it’s time to get rid of the material, the products can be composted into their component parts. Read more...

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