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Why The Metaverse Is About To Change Everything

The metaverse is coming—and it's going to change everything.

We all know that our world is changing faster than ever before, and technologies such as AI and the metaverse are clear examples of this. And although there are a lot of aspects of the metaverse that are still in its nascent stages, the one thing that is clear is that in the future, nothing will be as we know it today.

And why? Because AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) offer marketers a chance to truly transform what their customers can see, feel, touch and experience. We've all seen examples of this where brands use modes such as GIFs and video content to engage with their consumers; but these aren't even a fraction of what the metaverse can offer in terms of immersive content.

This is just one example of how brands have a whole new world waiting for them – one where they can transform the creation and dissemination of messages. And this counts a whole lot considering today’s experience-driven world where people are hungry for more engaging, entertaining and interactive opportunities to familiarise themselves with a company’s products and services.

In addition to impacting businesses and industries across the globe, the metaverse is also well-placed to change the workplace. Imagine using AI’s data interpretation capabilities to decipher meeting notes or using 3D interactive office tours to orient new employees. It promises a new level of connectedness among employees, easier remote collaboration and an overall revamped work environment. Also, the metaverse could be used to transform skill and training development through interactive models—leading to significantly reduced timeframes for training periods. Read more...

Purpose, potential and pitfalls of customer-facing voice AI

It's been a while since we've talked about the Google Duplex debacle. But if you need a refresher: back in 2018, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, demoed the Google Duplex assistant at the company’s developer conference. The assistant mimicked realistic and nuanced human speech patterns (complete with “ums” and “ahhs”) as it made an appointment for a haircut and booked a table at a restaurant while in fluent conversation with a real person. 

Some called the likeness “scary,” and others felt like a deception was at play— with the human on the other end of the line completely unaware that they were speaking with a bot.

In the end, this whole episode wasn’t great PR for artificial intelligence or for sophisticated voice technology. But that's unfortunate because the truth of the matter is that voice AI has tremendous potential to empower consumers and deliver value to businesses that deploy it — provided there is a clear understanding of its purpose and of its limitations.

One of the best examples is food ordering. It makes complete sense: So long as the voice technology is sophisticated enough —and you might be surprised how smart it is right now— having voice AI take an order allows employees to get on with the important work of making tasty food and ensuring dine-in customers have a great experience. In this scenario, no one is deceived—this kind of voice AI tends to declare its nonhuman status if it isn’t already obvious. Customers are happy, and service industry professionals are supported, not undermined. Read more...

The Blockchain Solution to Save the Planet

Whately's passion for forestry is evident in the way he talks about his project. He's a passionate advocate for the environment, and he sees the Angry Teenagers project as a way to do good while also providing an opportunity for investors to benefit financially.

The nuts and bolts of it? You buy an Angry Teenagers token and in addition to the visual artwork your money pays for the planting of trees in a geolocated square of land. As the trees grow, you can track their impact. Ultimately, they generate cash through carbon offsets and some of that cash is reinvested in forestry projects. A certain amount is also returned to your wallet, although this is also earmarked for reinvestment.

The token can also be sold, and access to impact information passes to the new owner. But is there an incentive for secondary purchasers? After all, the investment has already been made by the original owner. Whately says a certain amount of money is released when a token changes hands - so new owners are also helping make a difference!

But perhaps the question of NFT usefulness remains. It should be equally possible to take donations for tree planting and provide transparent impact reports, without the benefit of NFTs and the blockchain. That said, it can’t be a bad thing to harness the allure of a trending technology in order raise awareness and fund a startup that combines revenue generation with purpose. Read more...


--Samuel personally took $300m of the $420.69m raised in FTX's 2021 funding round

$420m was supposed to go to the company, $300m went straight into his pockets. Wow, talk about fraud.

--The FTX hacker is getting rid of the stolen ETH as fast as they can.

Oh and by the way, it turns out the Bahamian government wasn't the hacker (they seized a different set of FTX funds.)

Which means the $370m hacker is still out there and things could still get worse.

Today's ETH dump caused a 4% drop and the hacker has 200k+ ETH left in their wallet. 

--FTX owes its 50 biggest creditors more than $3 billion

The top 50 FTX customers lost over $3b.  One unlucky customer lost $226m. Good luck explaining that loss to the family.But there could be hope. If you deposited money from 1 of the 5 largest banks to FTX in the last 60 days you can reverse that deposit. Who knows if it will work, but it's worth the try. Read more...

Bunny Studio ONE

Unify content creation needs

 Vladimir Vivas, the Director of Product at Bunny Studio. Today they are excited to announce our new product: Bunny Studio ONE.

Bunny Studio ONE is a tool that helps companies reduce bottlenecks in content creation workflow, cut down on invoice processing, expenditure tracking, and team management while keeping quality high in all projects. We're looking to serve all organizations where project coordination requires a lot of in-house bandwidth and team management. Early customer discovery has led us to hypothesize that Bunny Studio ONE will be a good fit for large and small organizations alike.

With Bunny Studio ONE, leaders and teammates get: A dedicated Account Manager and Operations Coordinator , An hour-based plan to pay monthly/quarterly/yearly, Access to audio, video, writing, design, translation, and transcription services ,Cancelation anytime—no extra costs , Quality-control agents ensure your projects are top-notch. Read more...

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