Introducing AskCodi: Code your Way to Success

Codi can help you do it all.

Codi, the ultimate code-generating wizard, is here! She can help you do it all. From generating code to explaining the logic behind it, from developing WordPress sites to creating an app and even refactoring your existing code, Codi will be your companion through this entire coding journey.

As a developer, you have a lot to do. You're constantly learning new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Then you're expected to build robust, secure, and scalable applications. It's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed!

AskCodi is a powerful tool for enterprise developers, teams, and anyone who codes. It's easy to use and provides a very high level of customization. 

Codi is built with developers in mind, which means we care about what you want from your tools. You can generate code in one of our 50+ languages. You can also generate tests for your code — and Codi even documents your generated code!


Codi is Here to Make You a Developer, Blogger and Online Entrepreneur

If you're a WordPress developer and want to develop themes faster with less code and stress, then AskCodi is the tool for you. She will even generate custom WordPress functions that help save time when building pages or posts.

AskCodi also has superpowers around Google App Scripts; she'll create functions in seconds that would take hours if done manually. You can even use her VBA capabilities to generate macros in Microsoft Office applications like Word or Excel! And what about your web3 projects? Well, there's no need for more frustration trying to write smart contract code for those because AskCodi will do it instead, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of automating your workflow!


She can also help you with DevOps and help you generate scripts.

Let's say you want to generate a script that will do many things. Maybe it'll create an object, make sure something is running, or execute some commands on a machine. You could go through the trouble of writing all those individual commands yourself in a text editor or terminal window—and then possibly trying them out (and fixing them) if they don't work right away. Or better yet, let AskCodi do it for you! She can even help with DevOps and help generate scripts!


She is specifically built to serve the needs of developers of all skill levels.

She is specifically built to serve the needs of developers of all skill levels. From writing your first line of code to creating complex applications with reusable components that communicate with each other in real time—Codi has got your back!

Codi's intelligent automation will save you hours of repetitive work to focus on what matters most: shipping great products faster than ever!


Our AskCodi product comes with a free plan.

We believe in helping you get started with AskCodi by offering a free plan. The free plan is perfect for prototyping, testing and trying out AskCodi. You can use it straight from the plugin and get 100 free requests per month, enough to do all the coding tasks for free – generate code, document it, test it and explain it.

We offer paid plans for those specific apps which are more catered to a specific domain or specialised (like App development or WordPress). Here’s how our plans work:

Free plan – 100 requests per month and pay as you go above that. This is a good option if you want to experiment with AskCodi before committing to a paid plan.

Paid plans – these are tailored for specific domains (like App development or WordPress), plus an extra 200 requests per month for every app you get to be used throughout the website.



AskCodi is a fantastic product that will help you code with ease. She is specifically built to serve the needs of developers of all skill levels. She can help you start your coding journey if you're a beginner with her comprehensive tutorials and step-by-step guides. If you’ve been coding for a while now but still need some assistance generating code, Codi has your back too!

Check her out yourself at!!

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