Google AI's potential, Instagram Will Introduce NFTs, AI:Game Changer For The Finance Sector, Web3 Cybersecurity and more..

"Unleash all this creativity": Google AI's breathtaking potential

The company's research arm on Wednesday unveiled a whiz-bang assortment of AI projects it's incubating, aimed at everything from mitigating climate change to helping novelists craft prose.

Why it matters: AI has breathtaking potential to improve and enrich our lives — and comes with hugely worrisome risks of misuse, intrusion and malfeasance, if not developed and deployed responsibly.

Driving the news: The dozen-or-so AI projects that Google Research unfurled at a Manhattan media event are in various stages of development, with goals ranging from societal improvement (such as better health diagnoses) to pure creativity and fun (text-to-image generation that can help you build a 3D image of a skirt-clad monster made of marzipan). Read more...

Instagram Will Soon Introduce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) To Their Platform

NFTs are everywhere—and not just on the blockchain.

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you can't escape them. But what if we told you there's a new way to use NFTs that's about to change everything?

Instagram is all about giving its users the best, most innovative experience possible—and that's exactly what they're doing with new NFT tools. Soon, users will be able to create, mint, buy and sell NFTs directly on Instagram.

Here's what you need to know:

1) The first NFTs will appear on Polygon's blockchain. Polygon is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows creators to monetize their games through an easy-to-use interface with no transaction fees. Their token, $MATIC, is up 22% since yesterday.

2) The NFTs will be stored on Arweave's decentralized data storage protocol instead of Instagram itself. Arweave is a powerful new tool for decentralized storage—and it can store 1 million files per second! Their token, $AR, is up 59% since yesterday.

3) Creators will set their own royalties for each sale—from 5% all the way up to 25%.


Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer For The Finance Sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are expanding in importance, scope, and applications in the financial technology sector. The advent of AI and ML is no longer anticipated as a precursor to ground-breaking new technologies. They were once widely used in the context of technology but have since become indispensable to the progress of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the online world. Statistics predict meteoric growth for AI-driven fintech solutions over the coming years.

Innovation is crucial in several industries, like financial technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The incredible progress made in AI and machine learning, as well as the growth of digital ecosystems, has benefited fintech. Financial technology (fintech) companies can benefit from machine learning because it enables them to collect real-time analysis of massive datasets and, more importantly, to learn from the results and adapt their practices accordingly. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology not only enhances the effectiveness of daily operations but also enables firms to manage unforeseen difficulties with novel techniques.Imminent ways in which fintech will develop because of AI are listed below.

Improved and Stronger security, Enhanced Customer Service, Intelligently Tailored Financial Apps, Improved Algorithmic Trading and Decision Making, Increased Productivity with low money and resources and many more...

Web3 Domain Alliance Teams Up To address Cybersecurity

The Web3 Domain Alliance has been formed this week to create domains that will advance interoperability of Web3 domain registries and better secure digital identities by preventing, for example, cybersquatting.

Web3 Domain Alliance goals include preventing malicious phishing attacks, impersonations of top-level domains (W3TLDs) and domain collisions, Carter added. The Web3 Domain Alliance also plans to proactively engage in discussions with ICANN to increase awareness and recognition of W3TLDs as part of its effort to align the intellectual property rights of all Web3 naming services, said Carter.

A Web3 domain is different from traditional domains in that it is minted on the blockchain and stored in an end user’s wallet. In contrast to Web2 domains, the entire Web3 approach is based on a decentralized architecture that gives end users more control over their data.

It’s still early days as far as the development of Web3 applications and sites is concerned. It’s apparent that cybersecurity challenges will be substantial when employing any type of decentralized platform based on an immutable blockchain platform. The challenge is that each of those decentralized platforms will contain sensitive data that needs to be secured. Read more...

Calixa Automation Platform

You've probably heard that GTM(go-to-market) is a growing trend, but what does it mean for your company?

With PLG becoming a GTM norm, top SaaS companies are opening up a new revenue stream by finding and acting on PQLs. But with a hungry salesforce and qualified inbound flow, GTM now needs to orchestrate product-led best practices at scale.

Today, the Calixa Automation Platform was announced. These automations increase your GTM team’s revenue efficiency by automating common actions across Sales, RevOps, and Marketing. Whether facilitating PQL outreach, kicking off an upsell, or nurturing those not ready for sales, Calixa can operationalize your GTM motion at scale with ease.

The Calixa Automation Platform allows GTM teams to execute workflows across Sales, Marketing, and Revops including: Automated Outreach ,Alerting ,Workflow Orchestration ,Self-Serve Nurture

The Calixa Automation Platform allows you to add PQLs into Outreach sequences or Salesloft cadences—immediately when they’re qualified. This allows sales teams to implement a light human touch (also known as Sales Assist) on a large volume of high velocity deals. Read more...

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