AskJarvis Rebranded To Ask Codi

AskJarvis AI is now Ask Codi

The origin of the name AskJarvis came from the idea of having an AI assistant specifically for the developers. Of course, we knew about J.A.R.V.I.S as the name of Tony Stark’s AI assistant in the movie Iron Man. Having another AI assistant named "Javis"  as an AI writing assistant, and coming from a development background, we felt a need for an AI assistant in the coding domain. After talking with our lawyers, we were confident no one would mistake AskJarvis for the Jarvis from the Iron Man movies.

As a new player in the market, we decided to ramp up our product after we got into a deal with AppSumo. We launched a newer, better version of AskJarvis in February 2022, and we were so amazed and excited with all the love and support shown to us by our customers. It was great to see that our idea was being appreciated, but at the same time, there were a few concerns regarding the name. Instead of spending more time fighting big companies like Marvel, we decided to change our company's name from AskJarvis to AskCodi! Rather than getting distracted, we wanted to focus on building an awesome product for all coders out there.

As our idea was being appreciated, there were a few concerns regarding the name. With the rebranding of "" to "" and the concerns raised by the community about the name, we wanted to save all the time and money that might be spent fighting Marvel. This would distract us from continuing to build an awesome product for the developers, and we decided to change our company’s name from AskJarvis to Ask Codi.

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What is Ask Codi?

Ask Codi is an AI coding assistant that helps developers speed up their development process from coding to documenting, to testing code. It can generate code for niche domains like scientific analysis, google apps scripts, VBA generator and many more!!

How did we come up with Ask Codi?

We love how the community helped us realize that we needed to give our AI a personality. From then on, we've been dabbling with the idea of having to personify our AI or not.

Our vision for our artificial intelligence is way more than just another ai coding assistant. It's an AI that helps you write faster, better, and more efficient code. An AI that makes work more fun and lets you spend more time on human things.

So what name would fit this AI’s personality in the coding domain?

Apart from having the basics like being intelligent and friendly, the name should relate to something that is related to coding as well as can be personified...

With these parameters, we brainstormed names with the team.

That’s when Codi was born!

Our vision for Codi is bigger than ever

The transition to Ask Codi also brings in some new features ahead of time. You can:

  • More extensions
  • Template libraries
  • Improved workspace collaboration
  • More applications and supported languages
  • More tools

Let’s do this

2022 has been great so far, thanks to the love and support of our customers. We have some great plans for Ask Codi and the best is truly yet to come.

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