Apple hiring freeze, Decentralised Tech Affect Business Growth, New Toolkit for Non-Fungible Tokens, and Vizit Adds AI

Apple actually planning more of a slowdown than it has acknowledged publicly.

Apple’s hiring freeze could last through 2023, sources say.

Apple has slowed down hiring amid expectations of a global economic downturn, but it might not be over just yet. According to a new report from Insider, Apple has told staff that it won’t be onboarding new hires for a number of months—and this freeze could last through the end of Apple’s fiscal year.

The report says that Apple is being “cautious in how it characterizes hiring pauses or slowdowns, because conceding such moves could put a further dent in the company’s stock price.”

This may seem like an odd move for Apple—after all, Tim Cook has said that Apple has slowed its hiring rates amid broader concerns about the economy, but that it would still be hiring on a “deliberate basis.” Bloomberg previously reported that Apple laid off a number of recruitment contractors. Read more...

How Does Decentralised Tech Affect Business Growth

In today’s world, a company isn’t just a place where people work. It’s a place where teams collaborate, innovate, and operate collectively. When teams work together, decisions are made quickly, problems get solved, ideas get shared, and workflows get streamlined. Authentic and genuine relationships are formed, which boosts employee morale and builds a positive company culture. At the root of it all sits centralized tech. Dinesh Varadharajan, CPO, Kissflow explores how decentralized tech is detrimental to business growth, centralized tech improves communication, fosters effective teamwork, and boosts productivity in one central hub.

A large insurance company wants to enhance its operations to meet customer needs better. But all its departments use different systems, and none collaborates with the IT team that’s supposed to approve new solutions before they are made available for use. All the departments have great ideas, but since they work independently they all create different solutions they feel will enhance their operations. 

This is what happens in organizations with decentralized tech: most employees think IT is blind to their problems so they take things into their own hands 62% of remote workers use rogue applications 25% use tools unapproved by IT. Read more...

Web 3 platform Alchemy Unveils Spearmint, a New Toolkit for Non-Fungible Tokens

Are you ready to mint some Non-Fungible Tokens?

Now you can with Alchemy's newest product, Spearmint!

Spearmint, a new product from Alchemy that's designed to keep speculators and bots from hiking gas fees and otherwise messing with the process of minting non-fungible tokens (NFT), is now open for waitlist signups.

The product will support collections on Ethereum, as well as rollup chains including Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon. Spearmint implements an "allow list" feature that helps creators vet the individuals who sign up to mint tokens in an artist's collection. Product Manager Mike Garland told CoinDesk that this model will keep out bad actors who worsen the communities that creators have built around their collections.

"Spearmint can help you focus your collection on the folks who have genuine interest in what you're building, rather than just trying to flip and make a quick buck," Garland said in the interview. Read more...

Vizit Adds AI To The Digital Shelf To Help Brands Win The Battle For Viewers

The digital shelf is a crowded space.

Brands and retailers are trying to cut costs, but they can’t just put an image online and hope it will sell. They need to know how the image will perform across different channels and better understand customer expectations.

To help them do that, Vizit uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give brands the ability to evaluate visual content “through the eyes” of their target audiences in real time. 

The goal is to ensure the images a brand uses for representing its products online are effective at capturing the desired audience’s attention and triggering sales conversions. 

Vizit is the latest entrant in the crowded digital shelf space, which refers to wherever products are made visible and available for online purchase. This includes a brand’s own product pages, as well as third parties, social media outlets, banner and mobile ads, and Google. Read more...



PicSo is an AI art generator that will revolutionize the world of digital art.

It's a tool that uses AI to take your imagination and turn it into a unique piece of artwork, no matter what kind of project you're working on. With PicSo, you can create the perfect illustration for your project or decorate your house with beautiful digital art.

This product is named after Picasso because it allows everyone to be able to create like Picasso—no matter their budget or project. It's powerful, yet endlessly flexible and awe-inspiringly powerful!! You'll never have to worry about creating something new again! Just input a one-sentence text prompt and instantly create AI-generated art for all your needs.

PicSo will help artists expand the boundaries of design, and explore the emerging influence of AI in the creative industry. Read more...

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