Amazon Will Pay You, Netflix Preview Club,  AI-Enabled Recycling System, Clash Of NFT, and Sessions 2.0

Amazon Will Pay You $2 a Month to Monitor Your Phone Traffic

Amazon wants to know if you've seen their ads.

And they're willing to pay you $2 a month for the privilege.

The e-commerce giant has launched a new program called Amazon Shopper Panel that will monitor your phone data and let them know which ads you're seeing on your device.

In exchange, they'll give you a $2 monthly reward. You can also opt into ad verification, which lets Amazon confirm ads that users see from Amazon or third-party entities that use Amazon Ads.

A promotional image about halfway down illustrates an interface with an option to toggle on paid ad verification on your device, where you will earn a $2 monthly “reward."

A disclaimer in the image states that “[b]y choosing to enable ad verification panelists allow us to confirm which ads from Amazon they saw on their device." Read more...

Netflix Preview Club Allows Members To See New Movies Early In Exchange For Feedback

Netflix is set to grow its Netflix Preview Club program, which allows members to stream content early in return for feedback. According to the Wall Street Journal, the club currently includes 2,000 subscribers but plans to add "tens of thousands of users" by early 2023.

The club was reportedly utilized for feedback on the 2021 hit Don't Look Up, which broke the record for weekly viewing hours with 152 million views. Although those close to the film haven't confirmed whether suggested edits were made before its release, filmmakers are welcome to make changes (or not) before releasing the film to the public.

The program was first launched in May 2021, per Variety, and those who participate have six months to watch these upcoming releases and complete a survey with their thoughts and feedback.

Additionally, participants must keep the pre-releases confidential and are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Those selected to participate in the program "represent a range of perspectives," according to a company memo obtained by Variety.

It's unclear exactly how Netflix selects its preview audience, but a 2021 Reddit thread claimed people received emails inviting them to join the Netflix Preview Club, which then directed them to a special Netflix account that gave access to unreleased content in return for completing feedback. Read more...

New AI-Enabled Recycling System - Make The World A Better Place

The global plastic waste management market is expected to grow from $34.13 billion in 2021 to $35.25 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.30%. The global plastic waste management market is expected to grow to $41.39 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.09%.

Use of artificial intelligence is a key trend gaining popularity in the plastic waste management market, as per the plastic waste management market trend analysis. AI enables more efficient management of recycling and waste sorting plants. 

A smart recycling bin monitors and sorts waste at the time of disposal. It uses AI (artificial intelligence), computer vision, robotics, and machine learning to efficiently and accurately sort waste. 

For example, in January 2021, Unilever, a UK based consumer goods company and the Alibaba Group, a China based E-commerce company, have created an Al-enabled recycling system that automatically identifies and sorts plastic packaging. Its aim is to speed high-grade plastic back into the circular economy and move China's companies and consumers towards a waste-free world. Read more...

Clash Of NFT: A New Invention In The World Of Web3 Games

Clash of NFT is the first multiverse community-centered and a new invention in the world of Web3 game that brings ultimate utilities and values to NFT assets.

The biggest underlying innovation of Web3 games is not the introduction of "P2E" but the introduction of NFT, confirming the ownership of in-game assets and data. Therefore, on this basis, how to continuously empower the NFTs held by players has become an unavoidable problem. Clash of NFT (CON) is the first multiverse community-centered and a new invention in the world of Web3 game that brings ultimate utilities and values to NFT assets.

CON pioneered the concept of a "multiverse" by combining in-game NFT with the more popular PFP project. Most importantly, early supporters would have the chance to free mint the CON Pass, which carries multiple privileges in the game.

With storytelling, great art, voiceovers, and enthralling gameplay, CON will capture crypto-native and traditional gamers' hearts. The combat is satisfying, with captivating animations and stunning gameplay. To attract early supporters, Clash of NFT is holding whitelist giveaway activities at the moment. There are several ways to join the ongoing whitelist giveaway campaigns. Please drop by the live chat and Twitter Space of Clash of NFT or giveaway campaigns with the partners of Clash of NFT. Read more...

Sessions 2.0 - Videoconferencing that finally WOWs

Introducing Sessions 2.0 - the platform for stand-out meetings and webinars.

We've spent months building and improving our platform to provide a differentiating all-in-one approach for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. And especially for founders that pitch all day.

With Sessions 2.0, sales teams can spend more time selling and less on admin tasks. Marketing teams can attract and engage customers with high-quality webinars. And customer success teams can provide an interactive onboarding experience to help customers achieve success faster.

Sessions 2.0 is built to boost video engagement. You have full control over the experience with lightning-fast speed and can use agendas to keep everyone on track and focused. You can also easily embed your digital product or website into meetings or webinars for hands-on demonstrations.

Plus, with our platform, you can manage and host everything in one place, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions. Read more...

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