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Embark on a journey where every AI application finds its place in the universe.

What We Believe

In the boundless expanse of artificial intelligence, not every groundbreaking idea needs a startup to flourish, nor does every creator possess the desire or means to embark on such a venture. At, we recognize the brilliance trapped behind the barriers of conventional pathways. Here, we unveil a realm where potential is not just a possibility but a reality waiting to be unleashed.

A Cosmos of Creativity

A Platform for All

Dive into a universe where apps converge in harmony, featuring a unified user interface that welcomes every innovator with open arms. The complexity of AI is simplified, making the most advanced tools accessible to all.

Democratizing AI Development

With our intuitive workflow builder, the power of AI is democratized. Here, the creation process is not just for the technically adept; it's for everyone with a vision.

From Creation to Monetization

Your creations transcend being mere applications; they become sources of innovation and income. Build, share, and monetize your AI apps within a community that values your contribution.

Our In-House Applications: Pioneering the Marketplace

Content Reviewer

Navigate the expanding content universe with tools for video, textual, and audio analysis, all in one place.

Repurpose Content

Transform content across platforms effortlessly, from YouTube to blogs, podcasts to blogs, and blogs to social media posts.

Sales System

Enrich prospects, research company details, personalize emails, and automate sales replies with a touch of AI.

Landing Page Generator

Craft compelling landing pages with automated copywriting, image generation, and code writing.

What's in store till now?

AskCodi Agents

An AI coding agent with coding use-case apps and tools. Can connect to internet, github, or files.

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AskCodi Classic

Classic AI coding assistant to speed up your coding tasks. Chat with AI, Workflow with AI.

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